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Windermere Broker/Owners: Provide social media training to help your agents get smarter about how they use social media!

Windermere Real Estate and Katie Lance have come together to provide Windermere agents with the information and resources they need to master social media via Katie’s nationally recognized #GetSocialSmart Academy. Through a combination of training videos, live webinars, course materials, and a 24/7 online on-demand library, agents will gain and enhance the skills needed to build relationships online utilizing social media.

Because of this exclusive partnership with Katie Lance, Windermere agents have access to discounted membership pricing for the #GetSocialSmart Academy.

"Being a real estate agent today isn’t an easy job. You wear many hats. One of the hats that needs to be worn more frequently is your Social Media hat. When I say Social Media I’m not talking just about Facebook. Social media is vast, much more than FB alone. I have always been one to want to work smarter rather than harder. Having an effective social media strategy isn’t easy but if you have the right knowledge and education it can be done in little time and be very effective in giving value to your customer base. Katie Lance is someone whom I respect and have learned a lot from on how to build a social media strategy that attracts and helps to enhance current relationships with my sphere. Get Social Smart Academy is rich with training on how to better leverage social media and create a weekly top of mind awareness strategy that can give you an amazing return on your investment. We are so excited that Katie is willing to share her knowledge with our Windermere family. You owe it to yourself to take a look at what Katie has to offer when it comes to better understanding Social Media above and beyond just Facebook. Sometimes I like to say we don’t know what we don’t know. Give her an opportunity to share her knowledge and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."

- Michael Fanning, SVP Windermere Services

"There is nobody who understands the value and application of social media within real estate as well as Katie Lance. Katie has developed a program that offers valuable information and resources that help real estate agents gain and sustain the skills needed to build relationships via social media. But #GetSocialSmart isn't just for beginners; even those who are nuanced social media users will find Katie's program useful. So, whether you're someone who is just getting started, or you're a skilled user looking for creative new ways to use social media to stay in flow with your sphere, I highly recommend Katie Lance's #GetSocialSmart Academy." - Shelley Rossi, VP of Communications for Windermere Real Estate

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2016 Member Profile,
91% of all real estate professionals use social media in some format.

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In a recent survey, here’s what our #GetSocialSmart alumni had to say:

  • 97% of #GetSocialSmart member said they would recommend #GetSocialSmart course to friends and colleagues.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being the least valuable and 10 being the most valuable) #GetSocialSmart members, on average, rated the value they received based on the money they spent a 9.

  • 98% said they loved being able to access the content anytime, go back and watch videos at any time of day on any device.

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Isn’t it time to get smarter about how you use social media? Are you ready to take back your time when it comes to social media? Join the #GetSocialSmart Academy today!

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$470 per Month
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$4700 per Year
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See what others have said about #GetSocialSmart and Katie Lance:

lisa"I pride myself on seeking out the best in every industry so I can continue to polish my professional skills and build my business. When I needed a little guidance taking my social media skills to the next level, I took the opportunity to take Katie's intensive #GetSocialSmart course. Her smart, concise lessons were respectful of the real time real professionals have to give and her encouragement throughout the sessions and beyond is just the level of personal detail you come to expect when you're a Katie Lance client. All the materials were top shelf in their quality and delivery. I get private messages all the time asking about my experience working with Katie and I'm always thrilled to have the chance to recommend her."

- Lisa Perk, The Property Group

helen"Katie Lance is a highly successful professional who takes the time to give her clients what they need to grow their businesses and become successful. I had the privilege of being in her #GetSocialSmart program. So much great information was given in her take-aways and webinars. It doesn't end there. She continues to be a driving force on my journey to success. I highly recommend her as a speaker and a coach."

- Helen Hodge, Jahn Real Estate

Lee"Making the commitment to invest in Katie's coaching was not taken lightly. What I can attest to is that it was very much worth it. I was so appreciative of Katie's knowledge and expertise. I would highly suggest working with Katie!"

- Lee Arnold, Benchmark Property Management

kevin“I recently finished Katie Lance’s coaching program and was blown away by the detail and actual plan she puts in place for everyone who is taking the class. She thoroughly goes through every platform and really simplifies it. She made me look at life as content, rather than trying to create this master plan before I post anything. I would highly recommend #GetSocialSmart and Katie Lance, who is a social media superstar!”

- Kevin Stark, Realty One Group

robyn“I pride myself on being very social media savvy so I questioned whether Katie Lance’s #GetSocialSmart program was something that was really going to work for me. I thought I probably already knew everything that she would be teaching. No. I did not know anything. I was so surprised by the quality and quantity of content that Katie provided me every single week. I would highly, highly recommend her program to everyone, whether you’re a novice or someone like me who thinks you are an expert because she truly is the expert. Katie Lance rocks!”

- Robyn Burdett, RE/MAX Allegiance

lynn“Katie Lance’s #GetSocialSmart course is the best thing I ever did. I had no idea how much there was involved with social media or the best places to be or how often you should be there. Katie lays it all out for you. She really is the guru in social media. If you get a chance to take #GetSocialSmart with Katie Lance, take it!”

- Lynn Olsen, Keller Williams

megan“#GetSocialSmart with Katie Lance is a long-term investment that will pay dividends in real estate for years to come. Why do you need Katie’s course? Because it will give you a clearer picture of your social media priorities, a content execution plan, an enhanced professional image and access to Katie’s expertise.”

- Megan Luker, RE/MAX Alliance

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